If you wish to book your child in for Holiday Club, please get in touch with us – holidayclub@acresoffun.co.uk or 01635 203300 – and we will send you all the relevant booking information.

Our Holiday Club is open during the school holidays for primary school aged children. The Club is based in our fabulous ‘Fairy House’ (complete with open fire for cooking and warmth) and our ‘Wizard’s Den’. The children spend most of their time outside in our gorgeous gardens, participating in a range of planned activities.  

Our gardens and grounds are extensive and offer different areas for activities – we have a wooded area, open lawns, huge sandpit, football pitch area, large climbing frame, ropes course and space to run, have fun and build dens.

We embrace nature and the outdoors, come rain or shine. It is very definitely a ‘chill out’ time for the children. We like them to play and be active with their friends. We strongly feel that children should be playing and relaxing during their school holidays as they recoup their energies ready for the next term at school. It has been proven that children’s wellbeing is enhanced by being outside in the fresh air and surrounded by nature, and that physical activity is vital for good mental health. We therefore do not encourage electronic gadgets and will not allow devices to be brought in with the children, except with special permission.

We provide a huge range of activities – treasure hunts, sporting activities, creative and craft activities, construction play, small world play, puzzles, bug hunts, board games, gardening in our vegetable plots and fruit picking from our fruit trees, games, team quests, drama and plays, free play and much more! The children can decide what they would like to do – within reason, we can provide for and stimulate most children’s interests. At times, children are able to mix with their siblings within the nursery and Pre-School.

Many of our ‘old’ children return to Holiday Club once they have started school and so it is like a big family reunion! 

 We offer all day sessions from 8am – 6pm.  All meals and snacks are provided. We have a full-time chef who makes fantastic, homemade food, where possible including the fruit and vegetables picked from our gardens. Children are offered toast and cereal for breakfast, and a hot homecooked lunch with pudding. The children make up their own sandwiches/wraps for tea from a variety of fillings, and then have something to follow from the kitchen…cake, biscuits, pudding etc. Sometimes the children cook their own hot dogs, jacket potatoes and s’mores etc over the fire in the Fairy House. There is fruit available throughout the day for snacks and for puddings, if preferred. The best thing for parents is that no lunch boxes are needed! 

Please do get in touch with us – holidayclub@acresoffun.co.uk or 01635 203300.